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Condo Trespassers Bringing Their Dogs to Condo Grounds


P.B. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have a question on fines. We are fined if our dogs go on the grass or common areas within our condo area. However, people often come from outside areas and their dogs go but nothing happens to them. Can the condo board fine it’s own members while letting outsiders off with nothing?

Mister Condo replies:

P.B., why would the association allow trespassers on association property? That is the real question here. Yes, the Board can and should fine unit owners who violate the rules. Trespassers should be reported to the police. The Board should put up signs instructing the general public that trespassing is not allowed and then work with local law enforcement to enforce the trespassing restrictions. The condo Board has no jurisdictional governance power over the general public. That is the work of local law enforcement. Maintaining the order within the community association and its own members is the job of the Board. Living in a community association means living by the rules of the association. No rule breaking equals no fines and a happy community. All the best!

2 thoughts on “Condo Trespassers Bringing Their Dogs to Condo Grounds”

  1. I’ve dealt with this in the past. The local PD required us to install additional “no trespassing” signs to the grounds before they would enforce it. Since black & white metal signs everywhere can be a huge eyesore, we purchased decorative signs so they wouldn’t detract from the aesthetics and make the property look like a city street. We were lucky in that we had a retired gentleman who would approach people and remind them it was private property. Only once the PD had to be called. Eventually the incidents ceased, but it was a lengthy and time consuming process.

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