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Damaged Wood, Damaged Relations…

C.T. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I purchased my condo last year. Before I signed the sales and purchase agreement, I insisted that some damage to the rear deck of the unit that was noted during a home inspection be repaired. I was assured by the realtor, who is also the condominium’s property manager, that the wood rot would be replaced before I took possession of the unit. Needless to say, a year later, I am still looking at rotten wood on the divider between my unit and my neighbor’s unit. How can I get this manager to make good on his promise to repair the damaged wood?

Mister Condo replies:

C.T., I am sorry that some rotten wood has hampered your condo experience. I detest stories of Property Managers not keeping to their word, whatever the reason. I assume you have been in contact with the property manager in question and that you feel you are not getting anywhere with him or her. Since the Property Manager takes his or her marching orders from the Board, I suggest you bring this problem to your condo Board’s attention so that appropriate action can be taken. Most likely, they will instruct the Property Manager to hire a contractor to fix the damage. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, I would suggest you hire an attorney or bring suit against the Property Manager/Realtor for breach of contract. And, please, learn a lesson from this transaction. Don’t take someone’s word for getting a repair done as part of a purchase agreement. Get it in writing! Best wishes!

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