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Feeling Singled Out For Condo Parking Violation

S.B. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I received a letter from the management company that told me that I had to park my car centered back to front and side to side and I was not on the line or over the line or the next time I would get fined and I have taken pictures of other parking violations to show the management company. I feel that I was singled out and others park on the line and I was told that unless the trustees tell the management company to send these people a letter there is nothing that can be done. Is this true or should I talk to a condo lawyer? How is it I get a threating letter and others don’t?

Mister Condo replies:

S.B., you may have been singled out or you may have just been the only one who was reported as making a violation. Parking lots are always hot topics at condominiums and HOAs because there is often a shortage of spaces for the number of vehicles parked by residents and guests. How will you prove that you were singled out? Is there a pattern of discrimination or harassment? If you feel you have a legal complaint against your Board, you can pursue a legal solution. Have you spoken with a local attorney? That is who will give you the legal opinion about whether or not you have a case. My friendly advice is that you park as required by your condo’s rules and regulations. Report and document any parking violations you witness and send your complaints to the Board or Management Company. If they take action only against you, you may have a case. Otherwise, it may just be a simple one-time warning that you needn’t worry about too much. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Singled Out For Condo Parking Violation”

  1. My condo association is prohibiting me from parking my personal government vehicle, a small p/u truck. has no signs just a state of Florida tag

    1. Ron, the size and markings on the truck are not likely the problem. If the vehicle is registered as anything other than a passenger car, it may be prohibited by your rules and regulations. Check your rules. If you aren’t in violation, no problem. If you are in violation, ask the Board for an exception for state employee vehicles. This may allow them to approve your vehicle without opening up the association to allowing any and all commercially-registered vehicles on property. Good luck.

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