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Feral Cats Find Friendly Unit Owners; Association Board Not So Much!

R.S. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Hi! We are currently feeding and maintaining a mama cat and her 3 kittens plus 2 other friendly feral cats on our front porch. Association putting pressure on us to “get rid” of our outdoor friends. We are good people and good home owners. We have done so much to be good neighbors and keep up our property on our own. We are trying to find shelter for these babies before winter and have taken 4 of them already at our own expense. What can we do to keep these babies from harm?

Mister Condo replies:

R.S., I applaud your love of animals and your desire to help these fuzzy fur-babies. However, in its duty to protect the association from the potential danger and liability of keeping and encouraging feral cats, the Board is exactly correct to insist that you stop this behavior. You can contact your local animal control (some, not all, are helpful) to see what can be done. Keeping these babies from harm is a noble goal. Keeping you and your neighbors free from the vermin, feces, and other potential risks of having feral animals on property is the job of the Board. Be a good neighbor and stop encouraging activity from feral cats. It may seem cruel and heartless to abandon these critters but if you continue to violate the association’s rules, you should expect to get summoned and fined for the behavior. Good luck!

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