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FHA Certification for Condo Lapsed and Sought Again

J.S. from Hartford County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We are an over 55 condo complex with 39 individual homes. We were FHA certified several years ago. We missed the recertification period. Nobody knows who completed the original certification application. Where do I find the application/forms in order to submit for certification? We meet all of the requirements. Thank You!

Mister Condo replies:

J.S., I am glad your association is seeking to recertify itself with FHA approval. This will make it possible for unit owners to finance or refinance their mortgages with FHA-backed loans that would otherwise not be available. The FHA and HUD have published a guide that you can find online at but be forewarned that it isn’t as simple as reading the guide, downloading a few forms, and getting certified. From my experience, it is almost always in the association’s best interest to hire an expert in this area as the guidelines have shifted over the years and that it can be money well spent in avoiding headaches and hassles for the association. I realize that with 39 homes, it may seem simpler and more cost effective to tackle the certification on your own, and you are certainly able to try, but I would be prepared to hire an expert to take you through the process and make sure the association maintains its certification once it is granted. All the best!

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