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Grants to Help with Condo Capital Improvements

D.D. from New Haven writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We have met have at a few CAI Events. Are there any grants available to help with a capital improvement project for an Association in New Haven?

Mister Condo replies:

D.D., thanks for remembering we have met. I love going to CAI events and I love meeting like-minded folks there. Grants are not an area of expertise for me. I looked quickly at the City of New Haven website ( and the only grants I saw were for Arts and Cultural programs for Neighborhood Cultural Vitality. I don’t know if your community would qualify for such a grant but it doesn’t appear to me that it would cover a capital improvement project. Typically, such money would come from unit owners in the form of contributions to the Reserve Fund or a Special Assessment if enough money hadn’t been saved over the years. I did look a little further at the City of New Haven website and found this section – details incentives and funding options. While I didn’t see any particular programs for condos, there certainly seems to be some alternate funding available for certain projects. These programs are overseen by the Office of Economic Development. It would certainly be worth your while to speak with them to see if they can give you further instruction. A directory of the folks you might need is here: the best!

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