HOA Talk Time


HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative podcast centered around the strange happenings of the most dreaded aspects of living in an HOA. The show often features segments with Mister Condo himself, highlighting some of the best questions and answers from the AskMisterCondo.com website.

The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the crazy world of HOAs.

Show features include interviews with industry professionals, homeowner rants, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector. Also, the show includes guests from other industries including entrepreneurs and small business owners who made life-changing decisions to pursue their unique passions.

Check out all the HOA Talk Time podcasts by visiting the HOA Talk Time website at http://hoatalktime.com.