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Illegal Harassment Outside the Power of Condo Board to Control


J.H. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Hello!! I’m an owner of my unit. Been here 8 years. My neighbor has been here 6 years and never had any major problems. However, her new boyfriend or husband moved in a year ago. January up until now, he has continued to aggressively knock, kick, and post notes on my door. He calls me a dyke, tells me that I think I want to be a man. Two week ago he assaulted me. The police had been to the apartment at least 10 times. My condo is doing nothing. Condo board says they don’t know what to do in a situation like this. Now he has an order of protection on him. However, the facilities are small and we still see each other in the hallways. With the order of protection he can still enter the building. I’m afraid for my life and my girlfriend’s life. This is truly a hate crime. Please. Can you help me! The DA and Condo Board are no help! Also, he is not the owner and his name is not on mailbox.

Mister Condo replies:

J.H., I am terribly sorry you are enduring such cruel and unusual behavior from a neighbor. This is clearly an issue that is beyond the scope or authority of your condo Board so you really can’t expect them to act in such a way as to protect you and your girlfriend. I have no idea why the DA is not interested in taking on your case but true hate crimes as you are describing here are a crime and a matter that is handled by the police on the local, state, and even federal level. If you are not receiving satisfaction from your local law enforcement professionals, I strongly suggest you hire an attorney who will help avail you of all your rights and, hopefully, bring an end to this abusive behavior. Good luck!

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