Mister Condo Live!

Are you looking for a program that is fun, topical, and completely different? You’re looking for “Mister Condo Live!”.

“Mister Condo”, a/k/a Bob Gourley, is ready to bring the zany world of the AskMisterCondo website to your members in a lively and interactive presentation. “Mister Condo Live!” features Bob Gourley live and in person presenting the very best questions and answers to the condo and HOA questions everyone is asking. Bob is known for his humorous and inviting approach to keep audience members engaged and part of the presentation. This is not a lecture! It is an interactive experience where audience members are as much a part of the show as Mister Condo himself.

Want to learn more? Email askmistercondo@askmistercondo.com to check dates, rates, and availability. Mister Condo is ready to inform and entertain audience members at your next event. Hope to see you soon!