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Must I Provide Phone Number and Email to Other Condo Unit Owners?


P.R. from Massachusetts writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Am I obligated to share my phone number & email address with other unit owners within my condo association in Massachusetts?

Mister Condo replies:

P.R., when you purchase into a common interest community association like a condominium, you are purchasing your share or interest in the association. You are becoming a member of a non-profit corporation. Your information is most certainly needed by the Board of Directors of the association as you have certain rights that require them to contact you from time to time. While mail is the gold standard for doing so, there are many modern associations that prefer email, websites, cell phone text messages and such to keep unit owners informed. For the most part, you may opt out of these communications but I don’t suggest that you do. You are most certainly required to provide your name and address. I cannot think of any reason that you would have to provide your phone number and email address with any other unit owners within the association. Most of the laws in your state that I am aware of involve the records kept by the association that must be made available to all unit owners. Your question is about your personal information and I don’t have a firm answer for you as I am not an attorney nor do I live in your state. My guess is that you don’t HAVE to provide the information but you may WANT to provide it just so you keep all avenues of communication open between you and your association. If you feel it is a truly legal issue, I have to suggest you get in touch with an attorney in your state who is more familiar than I am with your laws.

2 thoughts on “Must I Provide Phone Number and Email to Other Condo Unit Owners?”

  1. In Florida, if an association publishes a directory, names, phone numbers and addresses are all open to other members. In fact, a member/owner must ask that his phone number be withheld, should he or she not want it published.

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