Condominium Neighbor Issues Selling Smoking

Neighbor’s Smoke Forces Condo Owner to Sell!

J.S. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I am a condominium owner who can no longer hack the smoke. I see from this forum that the raging conflict rarely goes well. I AM LOOKING TO SELL THE PLACE. I am not looking for legal advice nor interested in beating a dead horse with the association again. I did all of the polite and never uncivil neighborly discussions, bought all the expensive air cleaners, spent countless dollars and days fixing insulation and ventilation, and tried countless variations of adjusting fans and windows.

The sooner I sell, the sooner my freedom from this. While I am not a Zen Monk I wish to enjoy my life in the here and now, free from resentments and in harmony as much as I can. At the risk of going off on a tangent, it’s not in any control freak power-hungry thinking to want fresh air any more than wanting food. Point being that the cosmic “here and now” talk goes out the window when basic survival needs are in the forefront. You may see an animal with flies around its eyes not even twitch, but if somebody blew smoke at it, it would freak out.

NOW TO MY QUESTION. How can I show the place to potential buyers during hours conducive to do so (nonbusiness hours; evenings weekends). The problem smoking neighbors leave for work during normal business hours and I can get the place aired out. I don’t feel obligated to put anything about neighbors in a seller’s disclosure document because that document is not about neighbors any more than the neighbors’ religion on sexuality or race and I chances are the buyer won’t be as sensitive to smoke as myself. My problem is that all hell breaks loose here when they get home from work, the times most conducive to show the place to potential buyers. I look forward to my newfound freedom after selling a place I really liked everything else about, but now how do I keep the culprit smokers from blowing the deal?

Mister Condo replies:

J.S., as a fellow non-smoker I feel your pain. There isn’t anything you can do about showing your unit to unsuspecting buyers. However, since there are so many folks unlike you and me, who prefer to smoke, why not use it to your marketing advantage. Use words like “smoker-friendly” or “ideal for smokers” in your marketing. In this world of “smokers be damned” I wouldn’t be surprised to see several potential buyers who smoke entering your unit and thinking they found their own Zen Monk experience. Win/Win, my friend. More and more, there are smoke-free communities and states that are outlawing smoking in high-density housing like condos. My guess is that you will be thorough in your quest for your next home. I wish you clean air and healthy living. Good Luck!

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