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No Longer Wants to Be President

J.B. from Fairfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have been serving as Board President for the past seven years at my condo. We have 70 units here and some of the residents have become quite belligerent towards me and my wife for decisions the Board has had to make regarding levying a special assessment for much needed property repairs. While I originally enjoyed serving my community, the lack of decency from fellow residents has taken all of the enjoyment out of volunteering. My problem is that while I would like to resign as President, I am not sure I trust that the community will produce a new President that is up for the job. What is my responsibility here and can I resign?

Mister Condo replies:

J.B., thank you for your years of service to your community. Appreciated or not, your contribution has made an impact on the lives of all residents who live there. It is unfortunate that your fellow unit owners are not more appreciative of your volunteerism. It probably won’t help you to hear this, but many condo Board members feel the same way about their own communities.

Without getting into all the reasons that lead you to this decision, let me address what is likely to happen if you resign the presidency of the Board. The Vice-President would immediately assume your duties for the balance of the year. A vacancy created on the Board of Directors will allow the Board to make an appointment to the Board if necessary. For better or for worse, the community’s business will continue without you.

As a matter of courtesy, it would be proper to give reasonable notice. If you have a good working relationship with your Vice President, I would suggest a fireside style chat about your resignation and assure the Vice President that you will assist during the transition. Depending on how much your Vice President has already been involved with what you do as President, the transition could be a bit bumpy but, rest assured, the transition will happen. If you have a Property Manager, I would recommend a similar chat with him or her to keep those closest fully informed.

Don’t be surprised if your fellow Board members and/or Property Manager ask you to reconsider. After all, you’ve been this community’s leader for seven years and you have a wealth of community knowledge that leaves with you when you leave the Board. They may even suggest you stay on the Board until the next election cycle, which I would also encourage you to consider. However, there is no mandate for you to serve and you are certainly free to stop volunteering at any time. I hope you find renewed enjoyment in your condo living experience.

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