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Proper Condo Unit Owner Notice to Enter Premises

J.C. from Middlesex County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

How much notice is required to owner if management company needs to enter?

Mister Condo replies:

J.C., there are a few different answers to your question so let’s review why the management company might need to enter your unit. In the event of an emergency, say a flood or a fire, if the management company has your key and entering your unit can prevent further damage or save a life, the only notice may be a knock on the door followed by entry. If the event is a non-emergency, say an inspection or a sump pump replacement or such, then the management company should follow the notice requirements as outlined in your governance documents. Typically, unit owners, especially those whose units have access to association-owned items such as boilers, air conditioners, water valves, etc., are allowed a 24-hour notice to prepare for the management company intrusion. This is very common in converted buildings where association access to such items were not part of the original building plans. It is possible that your documents are silent on the subject in which case you may not have to provide access at all, regardless of notice. The courts often side with unit owner’s right to enjoy their home versus management company access. The ideal situation is for you and the management company to work out an agreement that lets them get in to do their work but allows you minimal invasion of time and space to do so. Check your documents first but do try to be reasonable as well. I’m sure the management company only needs to get in to your unit for work that benefits you and all of your neighbors as well. Good luck!

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