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Property Manager Fails to Solve Condo Owners Water Leak

E.W. from Florida writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Not sure if you can help me since I am in Florida but I’ll give it a try. I’ve been having difficulties finding any free advice and do not wish to contact an attorney at this point. A week ago, I noticed I have a leak in ceiling of my condo that has worked its way down into the wall pooling next to a bank of light switches. The condo property manager came over right away when I notified them of the leak. He took some pictures and that was it. I followed up today asking for an update and he basically stone-walled me stating that there was nothing he could do until the association finds a roofing contractor and he could not offer a time when one would be selected. I asked him to send me an email today explaining the situation. Unfortunately, we are in hurricane season now with one on the way. I’ve been documenting my interactions with dates, photos and comments but in the end, it really doesn’t solve my problem. Do you have any recommendations?

Mister Condo replies:

E.W., I am sorry for your unfortunate problems and your unfortunate timing. It would appear that while your condo manager was efficient in answering your complaint of a water leak, there is no mechanism to easily correct the leak. You do need to follow up with both the Property Manager and the Board as this is their problem, too, and they need to address the problem even if hurricane season is soon to follow. You don’t need to hire an attorney at this point but you do need to have your problem addressed. Water leaks near electrical switches are no laughing matter. Someone could get electrocuted or a fire could ensue. The Property Manager may be your first line but don’t rule out the Board’s responsibility to address the issue. Squeaky wheel tends to get the grease so make some squeaks in the right direction and see if you can’t get this issue addressed without having to hire an attorney. My guess is you can. All the best!

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