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Property Manager Licensing in Connecticut


A.B. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Does a Property Manager have to be licensed to manage a condo association?

Mister Condo replies:

You betcha, A.B.! Connecticut has very specific laws about Property Manager licensing and anyone practicing condo association management as a management professional without a license in the state is at risk for being sited and fined by Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), who is charged with overseeing the licensure of Property Managers. The law was passed in May of 2012 and is routinely enforced when violation are reported to the DCP. You can read more about the law at Hope that helps!

7 thoughts on “Property Manager Licensing in Connecticut”

  1. Hi! I work for a Property Management company that is based out of Texas. The property is owned by 1 company but managed by another. Its located here in CT. The property is split with both condo owned units along with rented units. Our HOA side is managed by someone separate who holds their CAM license. My question is, what licenses do I need to have if any while working onsite at our CT property? I do show and rent units along with leasing. Thank you for any enlightment on this situation.

    1. This is an interesting question and an unusual situation. If you are functioning as a Property Manager while in Connecticut, I would suggest that you should hold a Connecticut Property Manager’s license. If you are simply assisting the existing Property Manager while you are here, and that manager has supervisory power over the work you do here, you may be able to perform your duties without a Connecticut license. However, I am neither an attorney nor familiar with your act duties. If you have access to association funds, get involved with association governance issues, you would be wise to protect yourself with a state license. If you have access to a company attorney, I would certainly suggest you get a legal opinion. You wouldn’t want to be cited for operating without a license. Good luck!

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