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Shining a Light on Light Fixture Replacements


P.S. from Hartford County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Who is responsible for replacing outdoor light fixtures on each condo unit?

Mister Condo replies:

P.S., that’s a bright question! While it varies from condo to condo, simple light bulb replacement is usually handled by a community’s handyman. Full fixture replacement would necessitate a licensed and insured electrician to perform the work. For most condominiums, external light fixtures would be considered either common or limited common elements. If they are considered common elements, the association is responsible for replacing them and all residents pay equally for the replacement. However, if the fixtures are deemed limited common elements, the individual unit owners may be responsible for their replacement costs, even though the association might actually hire the contractor and manage the project. In that case, individual unit owners could be billed for the work done to their unit. Whether through the common fund, or through direct billing for the replacement, the cost is born by the unit owner. The good news is you should have a beautiful new light fixture and peace of mind from the added security that well lit common grounds bring to all residents. All the best!

4 thoughts on “Shining a Light on Light Fixture Replacements”

  1. The lighting fixtures are going to be replaced in a condo building. Who decides what fixture to install, the Board or the owners. They are common elements, aren’t they?

    1. Hi, Ann! Typically, lighting fixtures in a common area are common elements. As such, they are under the direct control of the Board. If, by change, the lights are owned by individual unit owners, then the unit owners would have to replace the fixtures. That would be unusual but not impossible. Check your governance documents if you are unsure but my guess is that it is the Board who will be replacing the fixtures. All the best!

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