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Storage Unit Mold Surprises New Condo Owner

A.G. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I just recently purchased a condo and wasn’t told I had a storage unit until after the purchase. When I went to check out the storage unit, there was an awful smell going on. There are 4 storage units within 1 big unit. I had someone come to inspect the storage unit and I was told it hasn’t been maintained for a long time and if it doesn’t get fixed, the little mold that’s there will grow more and it can become to the point of causing illness. My son’s bedroom window is right outside of the storage unit. Now here’s what I was told. I should buy Mildastat and mop up the floors and walls and then monthly put in a bag of Dampit. Is this my responsibility being that it’s my storage unit even though it’s not inside my living quarters? Please tell or help direct me what to do. Thank you.

Mister Condo replies:

A.G., I am sorry for the situation you find yourself in. If you had a building inspection ahead of time and the storage unit was listed, the inspector should have looked at the unit and alerted you to the potential problem. Of course, that assumes the storage unit was listed as part of the real estate listing. At the very least, it must have been on the deed that you received upon purchase. The bottom line is that if it is part of the purchase, you own it. As the owner, you must maintain it to the association’s standards. I am not an expert on mold remediation but the advice you are receiving sounds like it should work to me. If not, consider hiring a mold remediation firm to get your mold under control and suggest a maintenance schedule for keeping the mold out of the unit. Your son’s health could be at jeopardy if the mold is producing toxic airborne particles. All the best!

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  1. I would recommend a Certified Mold Remediation company be contacted to inspect the storage unit. If you have wet building materials you will need to find the source of the moisture/leak. Normally a Leak Detection Company can establish the source. In some cases it can be a high humidity issue that will require managing the humidity in the space,

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