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Uninsured Condo Renter Hit Hard by Association-Hired Contractor Mistake

L.D. outside from Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, HOA hired licensed contractor to fix pipes in community garage. Our condo completely flooded every room by contractor’s fault. We do not have renter’s insurance. Have thousands of dollars in property damage. Who is responsible? Our landlord who owns the unit insurance policy does not cover our property what do we do? Mister Condo replies: L.D., I wish I had better news for you. Renter’s insurance is…

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Venting About Condo Dryer Vent Cleaning Expense

V.S. from Pennsylvania writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can a condo association insist on its association owners to use the Association chosen Dryer Vent Cleaning Company while the owners pay for it? Mister Condo replies: V.S., generally speaking, yes, that is correct. The Board can negotiate with outside contractors to conduct services within the association and some of these expenses can be assigned to the individual unit owners. Dryer vent cleaning is a classic example because…

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Condominium Damage Insurance Legal

New Condo Owner Suffers Severe Loss Due to Broken Ejector Pump

J.J. from Illinois writes: Dear Mister Condo, Hi! We just recently bought and moved (less than 3 weeks ago) into a duplex down condo. A few days ago, we noticed water coming in behind the walls and up through some crack on the floor (we had removed carpet already). By the time we got a plumber to come out the common storage area was flooded and our lower level had water coming from behind almost…

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Repeated Water Intrusions Destroying Condo Unit Owner’s Happiness

J.T. from Westchester County, New York writes: Dear Mister Condo, I hope you can help me. I have 3 issues: Issue 1: Last year a pipe burst in my kitchen (Condo’s responsibility); repairs and painting were approved per emails between myself, the Board VP and Managing Agent who were in place at that time; we agreed, via email, on an amount; a check was issued—within days we transitioned to a new Board and Managing Agent who…

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