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This Condo Has it All! Renters, Roaches, Broken Trash Chutes…

S.M. from Miami writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I live in a condo in Miami and we have the most incompetent Board. The building is self-managed and we currently are under a lot of problems, like roach infestation, water leaks, building trash chute compartment broken and trash coming out of the compartment. The building runs more like an AirBnB. The rental ratio is at 61% and we have no support since there’s so many investors. Please advise, I have approached the Florida Department but they don’t intervene in situations like this.

Mister Condo replies:

S.M., it sounds like your association has really gotten away from what unit owners like you were expecting. Whether the Board is incompetent or not, without rental caps (the percentage of units allowed to be rented at any given time), I am not surprised to hear of so many rental units being used in AirBnB fashion. First things first. The Association is governed by volunteer leaders elected by the membership. If these leaders aren’t making sure that the problems are being addressed (water leaks, roaches, broken trash chutes) then it is time to elect new leaders. You may be able to bring suit against the association for not maintaining itself but that can be costly and still not yield any real results. If it were me, I would consider running for the Board myself on a platform of restoring the association to good working order. If that seems unreasonable, I would consider selling. It seems there is no shortage of investors looking to purchase into this association. I would look carefully at the next association I purchased into. Hopefully, the percentage of investment units would be far lower and the Board would do a better job of maintaining the common elements. Good luck!

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