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Uh-Oh! Condo Board Meeting Without Advising Unit Owners!


F.M. from Fairfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Can a board meet to discuss non-confidential issues without advising the unit owners prior to the meeting?

Mister Condo replies:

F.M., the short answer is “no” with the exception of emergency meetings of the Board which need to be used only in the truest sense of the word “emergency”. If the condo was on fire or was in eminent danger of a sinkhole or mudslide, the Board may need to take emergency actions to save lives or property. A Board can call for an Executive Session during a regularly scheduled meeting whereby they can meet to discuss whatever executive matters they see fit. Your condo documents most likely spell out the terms for when and how the Board can meet and what type of notice and agenda must be offered to all unit owners in advance of such meeting. Further, most common interest communities in our state are bound by the Common Interest Ownership Act, better known as CIOA, which clearly spells out the rules for how and when a Board can meet and what type of disclosure must be made to unit owners about the Board’s meeting and governance practices. The intent of this law is to bring openness to how community associations are governed. A complete discussion of CIOA and associated laws for community associations in our state can be found at All the best!

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