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Unattended Boat Left at Condo Dock for Months at a Time

K.I. from Florida writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I live in a 16-unit condo bldg. I have a neighbor who leaves his boat on his dock and goes to New York for 3+ months at a time including during hurricane season. Can he do this?

Mister Condo replies:

K.I., the answer lies in your condo docs and/or dock regulations if the dock is operated separately from the association. My guess is that unless there is wording that prohibits leaving a boat unattended for that amount of time, there may be nothing to prevent the unit owner from doing so. I would question the wisdom of leaving a boat docked for so long given the intensity of the storms, especially during hurricane season. As long as the owner has insurance for damage to the boat, damage to neighboring boats, and/or damage to the dock or any other property that the boat might damage, it just might be allowed. Check your condo governance docs on boat slip usage. All the best! 

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