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Volunteer Labor – Big Condo Liability!


A.K. from New London County writes:

We are a small association of 12 units, and some of the residents like to do light maintenance volunteer work. Should each volunteer sign a liability waiver form before doing any work?

Mister Condo replies:

A.K., I love it when community volunteers tackle small projects at associations. It can save the community lots of money and it gives neighbors an opportunity to bond while tackling a mutually beneficial project. However, before the first paint stroke or hammer strike, it is wise to seek out what the association’s liability is in the event of a problem or injury. I posed the question to one of our member attorneys who offered this advice:

“At the risk of putting people off, ask this question to your association’s liability insurer, which will probably say yes.”

I think that is great advice! Better to be safe than sorry! Best Wishes!

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