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Why is a Seasonal Condo Employee Getting Paid Year Round?


P.K. from Fairfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We pay a seasonal employee $80,000.00 per year for work that is performed primarily to the common grounds and building exteriors. From November to April, he is inside the office space with no work. What can we do to remedy that?

Mister Condo replies:

P.K., I am not sure as to what the actual problem or question is. If the association has chosen to hire a seasonal employee then that employee is bound by whatever terms of employment he agreed to when he took the job. If that means working outside in the more seasonable weather and inside once the bad weather season hits, then it sounds like he is doing what is expected of him and getting paid quite well for doing so. November to April is a long time for him to be doing no work as you describe. Are you sure he isn’t prepping for the warmer weather? Perhaps preparing work plans for the common areas? I would think he would be quite bored with nothing to do for several months every year. I would also think the association has better things to do with its money than pay for a dormant employee. Is he on call for other items in the off season? Does he maintain the heating system or provide security? Does he answer calls for emergency repairs? All of these are jobs that can be done in an office in the “off” season and are certainly worthy of keeping him on the payroll. Perhaps you should ask a Board member for a clarification of the services rendered by this employee. I doubt he is being paid such a handsome sum just to keep a seat warm for months at a time.

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